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Meet the team

We’re here to help and support you, as you support world mission through BMS. This is who we are and what we do.

Alastair Clunie

Church Relations Manager

Alastair leads the team and  focuses mainly on issues relating to NWBA, NBA, YBA and the Baptist Unions of Scotland and Wales.



Contact Alastair on 01235 517620 or



Edwin Penman

Church Relations Co-ordinator

Edwin focuses on issues relating to EBA, CBA, HEBA, EMBA, LBA and SEBA. Edwin also oversees BMS Speakers.



Contact Edwin on 01235 517627 or



Laura Gill

Mission Resources Co-ordinator

Laura is an associate to the team focusing on relations with SWBA, WEBA and SCBA.

Contact Laura on 01235 517611 or






Menna Machreth

Mission Co-ordinator, Wales

Menna is the primary point of contact for all church relations in Wales.

Contact Menna on: 07973 820580 or





Suzanne Linnell

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Suzanne is an associate to the team working with us and advising on fundraising matters.




Contact Suzanne on 01235 517609 or



Geneve Neil

Church Resources Team Leader

Geneve looks after all the deadlines and makes sure the production of church resources including the quarterly magazines and prayer letters runs smoothly. She also oversees BMS Church Partners.
Contact Geneve on 01235 517622 or

Amy Hippsley

Church Partnerships Administrator

Amy is the person to deal with all your BMS Church Partners enquiries.
Contact Amy on 01235 517616 or




Pam Fitzgerald

Resources Administrator

Pam takes, packages and dispatches your orders for BMS resources.




Contact Pam on 01235 517617 or



Matt Warren

Projects and Events Officer

Matt makes sure all the rest of us are organised. He administers all we do with a special focus on our database and research.



Contact Matt on 01235 517606 or



Keith Liddle

BMS Speakers Administrator

Keith is the person to contact for all enquiries relating to BMS Speakers.




Contact Keith on 01235 517615 or


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