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Worth Doing: Show the love this Valentine’s Day

February is shaping up to be an amazing month for creation care advocacy across the UK, with “craftivism” actions happening in many different ways. We can't wait to see how you will get involved. Check out our action suite to decide what will work for you. 

Beautiful things are possible. We can protect the world we love from climate change if enough of us show we care. This month, join with BMS World Mission and the Climate Coalition to inspire people to turn hearts green in time for Valentine’s Day and #showthelove for the people, places and life they want to protect for generations to come.


Here are some easy ways to get involved, but please feel free to adapt them or create your own. Find the full resource pack here.

Worth wearing and sharing


Action A: make, wear and give green hearts

Make green hearts — and show your love for the planet
Green hearts are a visual symbol, like the red nose or poppy. Wearing or sharing one is a way to get people talking about what we love and don’t want to lose to climate change.

All around the country people and committed organisations will be making green hearts and sharing them physically and on social media.

Worth Saving subscribers and BMS, will be making, wearing and sharing green hearts as part of the UK-wide campaign to encourage people to think and start conversations about the things they love and want to protect. You can co-ordinate what you want to do locally and join in over the first fortnight of February.


How to take this action:
Make a green heart, share a picture on social media and give it away to someone to start a conversation. Whether you know how to knit, sew or can use scissors, everybody can make and wear green hearts.

Download the green hearts resource pack, along with additional resources for postcards with pop-out hearts and cross-stitch patterns.



Action B: green heart art and social media action

Many organisations, including the National Trust (NT), are creating epic “green heart art” with the help of local artists, schools and communities. If you’re visiting a NT property take your camera and share or post photos of the art as part of your own action.

And why not get others involved in creating or sharing their own? It can be as easy as drawing on your hand and sharing a selfie — or as creative as sewing, baking or making a piece of giant green heart art. See our links above for more ideas and instructions.

BMS partner Climate Coalition will be compiling and sharing our stunning images across social media in February using #SHOWTHELOVE. We’d also love to share our supporters’ interpretations of green hearts here at BMS. So when you make or draw your heart please email us an image at

Whether it’s a lilypad in a lake, your crafted heart on the kitchen table or a class dressed in green and making a heart shape in the school playground, get creative in your community and share the love!


Action C: Share the love letter short film & engage young people (from 6 February)

If you can only do one thing, please share this poignant three minute film I wish for you… written by award-winning author Michael Morpurgo, made by Ridley Scott’s team and starring Maxine Peake and Jeremy Irons. The film is based on a love letter like no other: from a grandfather to his granddaughter about the world he cherishes and wishes for her to grow up in — a world threatened by our changing climate.



I wish for you...

Michael Morpurgo's wish for the world is worth sharing. Jeremy Irons agrees. Do you? Watch and share to #showthelove for all we could lose to climate change

Posted by The Climate Coalition on Wednesday, 3 February 2016


If you work with youth groups or schools, please reach out to them too. BMS partners Climate Coalition have produced a free English teaching resource for ages 9-11 (KS2): Wishes For Our World. It builds on Michael Morpurgo’s letter and the stunning accompanying film and encourages learners to express their feelings about the world in a creative way. Download it here.


The aims behind February’s Worth doing actions
We want to demonstrate a continued momentum of concern to the UK Government after the Paris COP, and refocus our efforts on the domestic narrative around climate change.
The aim of the Valentine’s Day 2016 campaign is to deliver a public mandate from politically relevant audiences who can:
• see and feel climate change as an emotional as well as a rational and a political issue
 • engage with, personalise and share content that starts positive conversations about the issue on and off-line
• believe in and endorse a vision for the future — “100 per cent clean energy within a generation” and see this as an opportunity for security and growth in the UK
• journey on with other Worth Saving subscribers and BMS supporters to take personal action/s to go 100 per cent clean —including responding to a great offer next month!

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